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CNN, which stands for Cable News Network, is a TV channel that shows news all day and night. It was one of the first to do this, changing how we watch news. It is a global news network headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and was established in 1980 by Ted Turner and Reese Schonfeld.

By February 2023, CNN reached 80 million U.S. households. Despite being third in cable news viewership in June 2021, with 580,000 daily viewers, it saw a 49% drop from the previous year. Its rank fluctuated from 14th in basic cable in 2019 to 7th during a peak, then down to 11th in 2021 and 21st in 2022.

Watch CNN Live Stream

CNN offers various streaming services that allow you to watch news on multiple devices, not just your television. With platforms like CNNgo, you can watch live news broadcasts or catch up on them later at your convenience. Whether at home or on the go, CNN’s streaming services ensure you’re always connected to the latest developments worldwide.

  • Live and On-Demand: You can stream live news as it happens or watch previous broadcasts and segments on-demand.
  • Multi-Device Accessibility: Whether using a smartphone, tablet, computer, or smart TV, CNN’s streaming services are compatible with a wide range of devices.
  • CNNgo: This feature provides an immersive experience, allowing you to watch live TV or access a library of on-demand content, including full episodes of your favorite shows.
  • Subscription-Based: CNN+ is a subscription service that combines live news coverage with a rich library of on-demand programming and interactive interviews.
  • Interactive Features: With unique offerings like “Interview Club,” viewers can engage with reporters and guests in moderated sessions.

These streaming options are part of CNN’s commitment to delivering news in the most accessible way possible, catering to the modern viewer’s need for flexibility and convenience.

The Start of CNN

On June 1, 1980, at 5:00 p.m., Ted Turner, the man who launched the channel. Then, two news anchors, David Walker and Lois Hart, who were married to each other, told the first news story on CNN. Burt Reinhardt helped hire the first 200 people to work there, including a famous news anchor named Bernard Shaw.

CNN didn’t just stay on one TV channel. It grew to be on many TV services, on the internet, and even on screens at airports called CNN Airport. They have offices in 42 places, 12 in the United States and 31 in other countries. They also work with over 900 local TV stations showing its news stories. Because CNN became so popular, Ted Turner became very successful, and later, a big company called Time Warner bought network’s parent company in 1996. This company changed names and owners a few times and is now called Warner Bros. Discovery.

The first news story reported on CNN was about the attempted assassination of civil rights leader Vernon Jordan. The channel began its broadcast on June 1, 1980, and this was the lead story they covered.Vernon Jordan was an American attorney and business executive who played a significant role in the civil rights movement. He was born on August 15, 1935, in Atlanta, Georgia. Jordan worked for various civil rights organizations and became a close advisor to President Bill Clinton. He was also known for his efforts in desegregating the University of Georgia and his leadership in the National Urban League. Jordan passed away on March 1, 2021,

Then onward, CNN continues to make great progress and become aa renowned news channel agency.

CNN Broadcasting Platforms

CNN’s offerings and platforms are diverse, encompassing various forms of digital media and content delivery to reach a broad audience. Here’s an overview:

Digital Offerings:

  • com: Launched in 1995, it has become one of the most visited news websites globally.
  • CNN Pipeline: A former paid subscription service providing live video streams, replaced by a free streaming service.
  • CNN Digital News Gathering (DNG): An Emmy-awarded system for receiving news material via digital means.
  • CNN Pulse: A feature allowing users to create profiles and engage with the content.

Other Platforms:

  • Live Streaming: Available to cable and satellite subscribers, with CNN International offered via RealNetworks SuperPass outside the U.S.
  • RSS Feeds and Podcasts: Various feeds for news updates and specialized content.
  • YouTube Channels: Multiple channels host CNN content, though they are geographically restricted.
  • TuneIn Radio: A radio version of CNN’s television programming launched in 2014.
  • CNN-10: A daily 10-minute video show aimed at students, teachers, and adults, hosted by Coy Wire since fall 2022.

These platforms and offerings reflect CNN’s commitment to providing accessible news and information across different mediums and technologies.

CNN Programming

CNN offers a dynamic range of programming throughout the week, catering to viewers with diverse interests. From early morning news briefings to in-depth evening analyses and weekend specials, the network’s schedule is designed to keep its audience informed, engaged, and entertained.

Below, we organized the CNN programming schedule in the table. But the schedule may vary occasionally. So we recommend that you check their official website.

Time Slot Weekdays Weekend
Early Morning Early Start (5–6 a.m. ET) CNN Newsroom (4–6 a.m. ET Sat, 3–6 a.m. ET Sun)
Morning CNN This Morning (6–9 a.m. ET) CNN This Morning, Weekend Edition (6–8 a.m. ET Sat, 6–9 a.m. ET Sun)
Mid-Morning CNN News Central (9 a.m.–noon ET) First of All (8–9 a.m. ET Sat), Smerconish (9–10 a.m. ET Sat), The Chris Wallace Show (10–11 a.m. ET Sat), The Amanpour Hour (11 a.m.–noon ET Sat)
Noon Inside Politics (Noon–1 p.m. ET) State of the Union (9–10 a.m. ET Sun), Fareed Zakaria GPS (10–11 a.m. ET Sun), Inside Politics (11 a.m.–noon ET Sun)
Afternoon CNN News Central (1–4 p.m. ET) CNN Newsroom (Noon–8 p.m. ET)
Late Afternoon The Lead with Jake Tapper (4–5 p.m. ET)
Early Evening The Situation Room (5–7 p.m. ET)
Evening Erin Burnett OutFront (7–8 p.m. ET), Anderson Cooper 360° (8–9 p.m. ET) Weekend Primetime (Starts at 9 p.m. ET Sat, 8 p.m. ET Sun)
Late Evening The Source with Kaitlan Collins (9–10 p.m. ET), CNN Newsnight (10–11 p.m. ET)
Night Laura Coates Live (11 p.m.–midnight ET)


CNN Interesting Facts

CNN is a global news network that covers a wide range of topics, including leadership and government affairs, financial and business news, health updates, and entertainment, such as movies and music. They are known for their comprehensive reporting on significant world events, assisting with emergencies, and conducting in-depth investigations to uncover the truth.

  • Global Reach: CNN’s networks and services are available to over 2 billion people in more than 200 countries and territories.
  • Editorial Operations: The channel has 37 editorial operations worldwide and employs approximately 4,000 people worldwide.
  • Affiliates: Its coverage is supported by more than 1,000 affiliate partners globally.
  • S. Household Reach: In the United States, the network reaches about 80 million households.
  • Digital Dominance: CNN Digital is the top online news destination, attracting more than 150 million unique visitors each month globally.
  • CNN International: This international arm of the Cable News Network reaches more than 347 million households worldwide.
  • Founding: It was launched on June 1, 1980, by media proprietors Ted Turner and Reese Schonfeld as the first 24-hour cable news channel.
  • Parent Company: CNN is a division of Warner Bros. Discovery.

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