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AI is expecpted to change the way we make drugs in big pharma.

AI Is Soon To Take Over Big Pharma

AI could be the key to finding new drugs faster and cheaper. Many industries are trying to use AI for everything, but not all...
Tesla Plans to Launch Next-Generation Vehicles in Mid-2025

Tesla Plans to Launch Next-Generation Vehicles in Mid-2025

Tesla, the world's most valuable automaker, has announced plans to launch a new electric vehicle (EV) aimed at the mass market and competing with...
Impressive growth for AMD GPU amid AI trends

AI Boom Drives GPU Demand and AMD Stock in 2024

The demand for GPUs has surged in the past year, driven by the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) applications. This has attracted many investors...
Amazon's new AI shopping assistant Rufus

Amazon Introduces AI Shopping Assistant to Help Customers Find the Best Deals

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, had a stellar quarter at the end of 2023, as it reported revenue of $170 billion, a 14% increase from...
successful recovery of first Neuralink implant patient.

First Person with Neuralink Brain Implant Recovers Smoothly, Musk Confirms on X

Elon Musk, a tech billionaire, said that the first person who got a Neuralink brain chip is doing well. He said that the chip...



Rishi Sunak’s Outspoken Interview With Laura Kuenssberg

Key Moments From Rishi Sunak’s Outspoken Interview With Laura Kuenssberg

The prime minister had to defend his government’s policies on a range of issues in a BBC interview with Laura Kuenssberg. He was asked...
Reports of Slower Economic Growth in Egypt amid red sea attacks

Reports of Slower Economic Growth in Egypt As the Gaza Situation Gets Worse

Egypt's economic growth is expected to slow down compared to what was predicted in the past. Reuters recently did a poll that shows that...
Congresswoman expressed concern about the company's recent actions in the cryptocurrency area.

Meta left crypto in 2022. Maxine Waters wonders why the firm keeps patenting it.

After the Patent and Trademark Office approved one of Meta's ideas for digital currency software, Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) did something. She wrote a...
WIF triumphs over Dogecoin by more than 100% in 30 days

WIF triumphs over Dogecoin by more than 100% in 30 days

Elon Musk's support played a significant role in the remarkable surge in popularity of Dogecoin (DOGE) on the internet between 2020 and 2021. As a...
US tech stocks soar to new highs amind strong earnings and jobs reports data

US tech stocks surge to new highs on strong earnings and robust jobs data

The tech sector was the star of this friday, as Meta Platforms, Amazon, Nvidia and Microsoft all reported better-than-expected earnings and saw their shares...
Crypto fans expect Bitcoin's hike to new heights

Bitcoin Bulls Predict Rising Beyond $100K Post SEC ETF Approval

Cryptocurrency fans are holding out hope that Bitcoin's price will rise to more than $100,000 this year. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission...
WWE deal is not a sign that Netflix is shifting its live sports strategy

Netflix and WWE Join Forces, But Co-CEO Says No to More Sports

Netflix has signed a 10-year deal to stream WWE’s Raw, but co-CEO Ted Sarandos says it does not mean the company is interested in...
Biden ordered 85 strikes in Iraq and Syria to avoid a bigger war with Iran

Biden’s Calculated Move to Deter Iran

President Joe Biden ordered 85 attacks on Iran-supported groups in Iraq and Syria on Friday. He did this because three American soldiers died last...


Inside the Minds of Working Americans

They are the backbone of the nation, but they rarely get to tell their own stories. They are the working-class Americans, who make up...


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