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Who are We

Livenewsbuzz is a dynamic digital media company that delivers timely and accurate news and analysis on various topics that matter to you. We use cutting-edge data and technology to produce high-quality reporting, journalism and commentary that has earned the trust of our audience and partners.

We reach millions of people every month who rely on our expert advice and insights to make informed decisions in their lives. Our signature offerings include our “Breaking” series of news and updates on current events, politics, business, sports, entertainment and more. These stories provide a comprehensive and balanced perspective for our readers to understand and evaluate the issues that affect them. We also feature original and exclusive content from our Livenewsbuzz Live events that showcase important and relevant discussions with leaders, experts and influencers from various fields and sectors.

We are proud to be a leading and trusted platform for news and information in the digital age. Our diversified business model engages our audience and partners at every stage of their information-seeking journey and allows us to offer effective solutions for brand awareness, lead generation, e-commerce, thought leadership and more.

What We Stand For

We Have a Clear Mission and Vision

We want to help you make the best choices for yourself. This is what we care about the most. It guides everything we do. We have been doing this for a long time, but we are always learning and improving. We work like a small team, with everyone sharing ideas and responsibilities


We Are Creative and Diverse

We value different kinds of people and skills at Livenewsbuzz. We want to make our workplace a friendly and supportive place where everyone can do their best and grow. We care about diversity, equity and inclusion in our company.

What We Do

We Provide Latest News and Trends

Livenewsbuzz readers come to us because they want to know more and do better. Our goal is to create content that helps them learn, understand and act on the things that matter to them.


We Deliver Cover Every Industry

We have always been in the industry of giving you the best way to find the news you need. Our innovative technology helps connect you with what you want, whether you are looking for breaking news or daily highlights


Categories We Cover

Stay Informed With Latest News

At Livenewsbuzz, we pledge to bring you real-time news and breaking headlines without delay. Trust us to keep you informed when it matters most.