Chrome to add experimental ai features including tabs and custom themes

Google’s blog post about the new Chrome features says there will be more. For example, the company hopes to add the new Gemini model “to help you browse even easier and faster.”

To make browsing easier to use and more enjoyable, Google is introducing new AI features. One of the most widely used web browsers worldwide is Google Chrome, which is constantly looking for methods to make using the internet better. That’s why Google is introducing new AI features to make Chrome smarter, faster, and more personalized. These features are available in an experimental mode, which you can enable by going to settings and turning on “Experimental AI”. Google says this is just the start of the AI revolution in Chrome, and there are more exciting things to come.

Organize your tabs with AI

The Tab Organizer, among Chrome’s newest AI features, makes it easier for you to keep track of all your currently open tabs. If you have a lot of tabs open, you can right-click on any tab and select “organize similar tabs”. Chrome will then create a tab group with tabs related to each other. For example, Chrome will group those tabs if you shop online, research a topic, or read the news. You can also rename and color-code your tab groups to make them easier to find. This feature saves you time and hassle and lets you focus on what matters.

Create your themes with AI

Another new AI feature in Chrome is the theme creator, which allows you to customize your browser with your style. You can choose an image, a color, a mood, and a visual style, and Chrome will generate a unique theme for you. According to Google, it makes use of the same AI algorithm that makes generative backgrounds for Pixel and Android smartphones. These themes are interchangeable and may be really artistic and cool. Go to the “Customize Chrome” tab, select “Change theme,” and then “Create with AI” to initiate this function.

Get help writing with AI

The third new AI feature in Chrome will be available next month, is the writing helper, which helps you write better and faster on the web. You can use this feature on any website with a text box or field by right-clicking on it and selecting “help me write”. After that, Google AI will ask you what to write and start working on a draft. You can use this feature to write reviews, emails, RSVPs, or anything else you need. Google says this feature can help you express your thoughts more clearly and eloquently.

Why AI matter for Chrome?

Google leverages its cutting-edge AI technology to improve your online surfing experience, as demonstrated by these new AI capabilities in Chrome. Google wants its AI to not only help you find information but also interact with and create content on the web. Google already has other AI features in Chrome, such as captions for videos, malicious site detection, permission prompts, and article summarization. Google also has other AI projects, such as the Gemini model, the Bard assistant, and the SGE (Search Generative Experience), which could be integrated into Chrome.

Google is not the only one using AI to improve web browsers. Similar AI functions, including writing support, theme generation, and tab grouping, have been included by Microsoft into its Edge browser. Arc and Opera, two other smaller browsers, have dabbled with their own AI integrations. AI is starting to play a major role in web development since it can provide consumers with more convenience, customisation, and usefulness.


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