ADT’s new Smart Home Security System, a result of a partnership between the two tech giants, is expected to launch soon. This could be an excellent alternative for those who miss the Google Nest Secure system, which will be discontinued on April 8th, 2024.

In October 2023, The Verge revealed some hidden pages on ADT’s website that suggested the company was preparing to release a new DIY security system called ADT Smart Home Security. Google had invested $450 million in ADT in 2020, and the new system seemed to have better features and design than the ADT Self Setup option that Google had recommended to its Nest Secure customers.

However, the pages on ADT’s website were quickly removed, and ADT had no official announcement about the new system until this week; ADT uploaded a short video to its YouTube channel, showing how to set up the ADT Base, which is “the heart of the ADT Smart Home Security system,” according to the video.

The video was spotted by a Verge reader, who also claimed that an ADT representative told him that the system would be available for purchase in February. We have reached out to ADT for confirmation but have not received a response yet. The YouTube video has also been made private since then.

The video did not reveal much more about the new system, but it confirmed some of the products we saw on the leaked pages, such as the backlit keypad on the base station and the door and window sensors that resemble the Nest Detect sensors.

What to expect from the new system

According to the leaked pages, the new system will include a central base station, door and window sensors, motion sensors, leak and smoke detectors, and other smart home devices. The system will be compatible with Z-Wave products like lights, locks, and thermostats. It will also integrate with Google Nest cameras, doorbells, thermostats, Wi-Fi products, smart speakers, and intelligent displays.

The system will also offer the option of self or professional monitoring and will be backed by ADT’s 24/7 alarm monitoring service and Google’s machine-learning technology. The ADT Smart Services app and web portal will control the system, allowing users to arm and disarm their security system, control their smart home devices, and check in on their homes from anywhere.

The new system promises to deliver smarter home security with the defense of ADT and the intelligence of Google. It could be a perfect solution for those who want to protect their home and make it more convenient and comfortable with smart home technology. We hope to hear more from ADT soon about the new system’s launch date, pricing, and availability.

ADT has a long history of providing professional home security services and products. In 2020, it introduced ADT Blue, a DIY smart home security option, but soon discontinued it after Google invested $450 million in the company. ADT then decided to make Google Nest products the core of its smart home offerings. ADT has a new DIY solution called ADT Self Setup, which is also compatible with Google Nest products. However, this system is not as advanced or user-friendly as the Google Nest Secure system, which Google is phasing out by April 8th, 2024. Many Google Nest users are unsatisfied with the ADT Self Setup system, as they have reported on Reddit, and are looking for better alternatives.

ADT is giving Google Nest Secure customers a voucher to switch to the ADT Self Setup system, but the offer expires on May 7th, 2024. However, a new option might be coming soon: the ADT Smart Home Security System, a collaboration between ADT and Google. This system could have more features and design improvements than the ADT Self Setup system and could be an excellent choice for Google Nest fans. According to a leaked video and an ADT representative, the system is expected to launch in February. Therefore, if you still have your voucher, you might want to wait a little longer and see if the ADT Smart Home Security System is worth it.


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